Elementary Language/Grammar Worksheets - Veterans Day

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Veterans Day - ABC Order

Put a list of twelve Veterans Day words in alphabetical order. Alphabetizing to the second letter is required. Answer key included


Acrostic - Veterans Day

Write an acrostic poem about Veterans Day.


Veterans Day - Learning Activity

Fill in the blanks from the word list to complete this paragraph about Veterans Day. Answer key included


Veterans Day - Scramble

Unscramble the Veterans Day vocabulary. Answer key included


Veterans Day - Scramble

Read the hint and unscramble the Veterans Day words. Answer key included


Veterans Day Synonyms

Choose the correct synonym for each Veterans Day word from the word list provided. Answer key included


Veterans Day Vocabulary

Read each definition and choose the correct vocabulary word from the word box in this Veterans Day printable worksheet. Answer key included


Veterans Day Word Search

Find sixteen hidden words in this printable Veterans Day word search puzzle. Answer key included


Veterans Day Cinquain Poem

Write a cinquain poem about a Veteran. A cinquain chart is provided to help the student follow the pattern of nouns, adjectives, and -ing words in this five lined poem style. This is a two page printable consisting of a work page and a second page for the student to copy the finished poem.


Veterans Day Thank You Card

Print our thank you card for your student to give to a Veteran. This card prints two per page and can be cut and folded down the middle. Include a signature and/or drawing on the inside.




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