Elementary Language/Grammar Worksheets - Halloween

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ABC Order - Halloween

Write the Halloween nouns in alphabetical order.


Describe Halloween

Describe Halloween with prompts of the five senses.


Finish the Pattern - Halloween

Finish the pattern of the halloween objects given.


Adjectives - Halloween

Think of adjectives to describe the Halloween themed nouns.


Make Words - Halloween

Make as many words as you can from the letters in “Trick or Treat.”


Noun or Adjective - Halloween

Write the Halloween words in the correct category.


Rhyme Time - Halloween

Write rhyming words for the Halloween words given on this seasonal worksheet.


Singular or Plural - Halloween

Decide if each Halloween noun is singular or plural.


Word Search - Halloween

Find 16 hidden Halloween words in this printable worksheet.


Halloween Writing

Make a list of words related to Halloween and then write a paragraph.


Plural Nouns - Halloween

Write the plurals for each Halloween word given.


Color the Pumpkin

Color the pumpkin and the word ORANGE.




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