Language Arts Worksheets - Back To School 2009

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Acrostic Back to School

write an acrostic poem from the word “student”


Action/Linking Verbs--Back to School

identify verbs as action or linking in this back to school worksheet


Action Verbs--Back to School

circle the action verbs in each sentence in this back to school worksheet


More Action Verbs--Back to School

underline the action verb in each sentence


Articles--Back to School

circle the articles in this back to school worksheet


Who am I?

fill in the blanks to tell about yourself


Helping Verbs--Back to School

write out the helping verbs to help learn them


Look What I Found

A treasure hunt type activity for the classroom. Students find as many items as they can in the time allowed and write them in the space provided.


Words--Back to School

make as many words as you can from the letters in “welcome back to school”


Nouns--Back to School

think of nouns related to school and write them


Common Proper Nouns--Back to School

Write some common and proper nouns for things found at school.


Singular or Plural--Back to School

Choose singular or plural for each word in this back to school worksheet


Plural Nouns--Back to School

write the plural for each singular noun in this back to school worksheet


Prepositions--Back to School

find the prepositional phrases in this back to school worksheet



Which Sentence?

Choose which sentence describes the picture in each box.


Helping Verbs List

a list of the 23 helping verbs


First Day Writing

a writing exercise for the first day of school


Word Scramble--Back to School

unscramble the letters to form back to school words



My Summer Vacation

write a sentence and draw a picture of my summer vacation


My Summer Vacation

blank lined paper for writing about my summer vacation


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