"Book About Me" Worksheets - Back To School

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Book About Me - Page 1

A cover page for the book about me (a 10 page book that lets the child fill in information and draw pictures about himself).


Book About Me - Page 2

Page 2 of 10 includes child’s name and area for a picture of the child to be drawn or pasted.


Book About Me - Page 3

Page 3 of 10 includes child’s age and a birthday cake for them to decorate with their name and draw candle flames on the cake.


Book About Me - Page 4

Page 4 of 10 includes spaces for the child to tell about family, pets, teacher.


Book About Me - Page 5

Page 5 of 10 is a place to trace the child’s hand or put a handprint.


Book About Me - Page 6



Book About Me - Page 7



Book About Me - Page 8



Book About Me - Page 9



Book About Me - Page 10





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