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Take a look at our ever-expanding library of unique and fun learning activities and games. Some of these are available to everyone, but most are reserved for our members.

Early Learning Activities
Math Games
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Logic-Problem Solving Games Creative Activities

LearningPlanet.com Early Learning Activities
Alphabet Action
Matching Game
Count Your Chickens
Number Train
ABC Order
123 Order
Mel's Counting
Alphabet Order
Upper & Lower Case
Uppercase & Pictures
Lowercase & Pictures
Sounds & Pictures
Play Time
Set Time
Tell Time
Make Time
Coin Names
Coin Values


LearningPlanet.com Math Games
The Counting Game
Code 13
Spacey Math
Math Mayhem
Math Machine
Base Ten
Fraction Frenzy
Chain Links
Hot Shot
Monster Crossing
Planet Sudoku


LearningPlanet.com Language Arts and Word Games
Missing Letters
Missing Words
Word Search
Daily Words Search
Word Mayhem
Syllable Sawmill


LearningPlanet.com Logic and Problem Solving Games
Treasure Hunt
Candy Cards
IQ Test
Fenced In
Runaway Robot
Time Crime
Lemonade Tycoon


LearningPlanet.com Quiz Games
Quick Quiz
Daily Quiz


LearningPlanet.com Brain and Memory Games
Mr. E's Matching Game
Classic Checkers
Veggie Wars


LearningPlanet.com Arcade Games
Air Hockey
Lunch Break


LearningPlanet.com Creative Activities
Critter Maker
Christmas Tree
Paper Airplanes



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