Overview : Runaway Robot
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 Runaway Robot

Control your robot to solve a series of fun puzzles.

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Help to guide the robot through the training area by placing robot "commands" along the path. When you click the GO button, the robot will move forward. That's the only command it knows. Naturally, we've had our share of runaway robots, so be careful.

Your goal is to complete each level by opening and reaching the exit door. To do this, you must use arrows and rockets to guide your robot around the gameboard. Drag arrows into the path of the robot to change its direction, or place a rocket in the path to boost the robot over a square.

To open the exit you must first collect its key. Most exits need only one key, but you might find some that need two keys.
Here is a list of activities that use the Runaway Robot app:
Runaway Robot Training
This is a puzzle solving game where the player learns to use robot commands to guide the robot through each level.

The Key is the Key (Members Only)
A puzzle game stressing problem solving skills.

Teleport Resort (Members Only)
A fun set of teleport puzzles.

Locks (Members Only)
Tricky levels for Runaway Robot.

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