Overview : Treasure Hunt
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 Treasure Hunt

A fun minefield-style puzzle game.

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Ye be a hearty pirate indeed if ye can dig up the buccaneer treasure that lies hidden on this cursed sandy beach!

To be a truly great pirate, you must use your smarts to outwit the scurvy dogs who want to keep the treasure for themselves.

Click a square to probe for treasure, but beware! Those greedy bilge rats have booby trapped each treasure, so don't probe where you know a treasure is buried. Instead, use the shovel to carefully uncover the treasure. You use the shovel by holding the shift key.

If a treasure is next to a square that you probe, a number will show on the square. Although the number doesn't tell you where the treasure is exactly located, you can use your deductive reasoning skills to locate the treasures.

You earn points for each treasure you find. You lose points for digging extra holes and for destroying treasures. You also receive a bonus for not making mistakes.
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