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An addictive action puzzle game similar to Tetris.

This activity is available for free!

The goal in Skoolz is to combine four or more of the same type of fish into a "Skool." To make a Skool, fish of the same type must be directly above, below, or beside each other. Diagonals don't count.

Fish will always fall in groups of three. The next group is always displayed on the right side of the game board.

You will earn points for each Skool you create. THe bigger the Skool, the more points you receive. As you create a Skool, it will swim away, clearing the game area, and leaving space for fish above the Skool to fall. Bonus points are earned for multiple Skools created at one time.

The more Skools you create, the higher the level you attain. Each level is faster than the last, so don't waste time. The game ends when the fish are piled to the top of the game area.
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