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A fun Hangman-style word game

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The object of Billboard is to solve as many puzzles as possible. You can get up to 600 points for each puzzle you solve!

The puzzle is displayed as a set of blanks on the Billboard. Each blank represents a letter from the alphabet. Your job is to fill in all the blanks and solve the puzzle. At the top of the Billboard is a clue. It can be helpful in solving the puzzle.

You begin with six chances. Each time you guess a letter not found in the puzzle, you lose a chance, and your score for completing the puzzle is decreased. When you run out of chances, the game ends.

You make a guess by clicking one of the letters which appear across the bottom of the Billboard. When you guess a letter, it is removed from the screen.
Here is a list of activities that use the Billboard app:
Pro Sports Teams (Members Only)
Test your knowledge of pro sports team names in this hangman-style game.

U. S. Presidents (Members Only)
a word game quizzing the names of the U.S. Presidents

Zoo Animals (Members Only)
A word game about zoo animals

U.S. States (Members Only)
A game quizzing the names of U.S. States

U.S. States and Capitals (Members Only)
A quiz game containing a capital followed by its state

U.S. State Nicknames (Members Only)
A game of United States nicknames

Charlottes Web (Members Only)
Characters, places, and sayings from the popular book.

Children's Television (Members Only)
a guessing game of children's television show titles and cartoon characters

Famous Sayings (Members Only)
A guessing game of famous sayings and phrases

Literature (Members Only)
a guessing game for fictional characters and book titles

Music and Art (Members Only)
A guessing game about famous music and art.

Civil War (Members Only)
Decode these Civil War people, places, and terms.

The Revolutionary War (Members Only)
People, Places, Events, and Quotes from the American Revolutionary War.

Where in the USA? (Members Only)
cities, states, places, and landmarks

World Geography (Members Only)
a game using names of countries, continents, and bodies of water throughout the world

Children's Movies (Members Only)
a fun guessing game of children's movie titles

Dogs (Members Only)
a word game using the names of dog breeds and names of famous dogs

Sports Legends (Members Only)
baseball, football, basketball, and golf legends

Sports Terms (Members Only)
a word game including golf, tennis, soccer, gymnastics, baseball, football, and auto racing

Olympics Puzzler (Members Only)
See if you can solve these word puzzles about the Olympic Games.

NCAA Teams and Mascots (Members Only)
This is a fun puzzle where you must figure out the college name and its mascot.

St. Patrick's Day (Members Only)
A billboard game with names of people, places, and things relating to St. Patrick's Day.

History of Flight (Members Only)
Here is a puzzle game about the history of flight.

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