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Chain-Links is a strategy card game where the student links cards containing equal values.

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You start each game with five cards. The object of the game is to get rid of all of your cards. Each card has two parts: a top, and a bottom. A card may be linked with any other card having a matching part, regardless of the position.

In the center of the screen you will see a card. If one of your cards contains a match, drag your card to the center of the screen. If the card matches, it will link up to the other card and you will be asked for another card.

If you do not have any cards which can be linked, draw a card by clicking the deck of cards. You must draw from the deck until you can play a card. If the deck is empty and you cannot play a card, click the "End Game" button.

Points are awarded for each correct link. Points are subtracted for incorrect links. Points are subtracted each second during the game, so it is important to work quickly.
Here is a list of activities that use the Chain-Links app:
Count the Dots (Members Only)
This is a fun game where students must match cards with an equal number of dots on either side.

Fraction-Decimal Equality (Members Only)
See if you can match fractional values to their equivalent decimal values.

Match Equivalent Fractions (Members Only)
Match equivalent fractions.

Add Sums to 10 (Members Only)
Match using simple addition

Simple Subtraction (Members Only)
Match the subtraction problem to the answer.

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